Gas Services

Gas MeterInstallation & Exchanges:

Exchanges and Installing a variety of gas meters for various clients to specific standards, below are the type of meters we currently install:

U6 • U16 • U25 • U40 • U65 • U100 • U160 • Rotary • Turbine

We have the scope to work up to 38 bar on this type of installation

Gas Meter Removal:

We remove most types of meter and can purge the outlet pipe work prior to the removal if requested or can solely remove the meter if the outlet pipework has been purged prior to our arrival.


We offer the service of purging pipe work on a variety of different pipe sizes up to and including 16" and use the latest technology to ensure this work is carried out safely and correctly which includes a purge machine, vent stacks, flame traps and gasco seekers. Once the purge is complete a purge certificate is issued to confirm this work has been completed.

Steel Riser Work:

Gas Works UK Ltd have dedicated teams employed to complete steel riser works, this type of work is usually completed on flats in which up to 2" steel pipe is used to run into the occupants flat. We will then complete any copper works internally and the purge and relight if required.